Elmar’s Sculptures


Mein wonderful husband - Elmar Kreisel

This is me - Elmar Kreisel


I am a medical professional and a craftsman with a love for detail, freedom and beautiful things. My multi-talented wife at my side inspired me to look beyond my horizon to create things that bring joy and inspiration to me and others.

There are already ancestral gifts in my DNA that have not only shaped my profession as a hand surgeon but are now overflowing in my artistic journey. My dad was a civil engineer and my grandmother a seamstress and embroiderer. But there is also the love given to me by God for freedom in spirit and movement.

After a very performance-oriented childhood, a time-consuming study with work in cell research, a severe cancer and painful personal setbacks, God is in the process of completely transforming my life. Under the strong artistic influence of my dear wife, I am no longer only learning to function, but to express myself creatively and get to know more of myself, discovering a completely new level of joy and freedom. 

An example of this are my various mosaic sculptures. For me, the three-dimensional form means liveliness, something you can touch physically and takes its own space within a space. It also communicates something different to every person. The different patterns, ornaments and colour compositions give the sculptures their individual characters. They convey to me a certain wisdom, which God wants to communicate to me about His creation. It is His promise to overcome the old, for joy and a victorious new beginning. For me, the mosaic stones are like individual jewels, each one with its own special place on the sculpture, like we humans in the body of Christ. In their totality and interaction, however, they determine the character of the work, its direction. Only at the very end of the work, when all the grouting is done, the essence and the meaning of the sculpture becomes visible to me. The production of a mosaic sculpture requires a lot of patience and gives me time to talk to God about it.

Another joint project of my wife and myself is the recently founded company for the production of dance and worship flags called "Viciflags". It unites very specific attributes that God has given us. Both our middle names mean victory (Latin: victoria). In the beginning flagging helped me a lot in fighting my personal battles. The victories I won and our shared experience of the power of flagging inspired my wife and I to go on further. With our current joint venture, we have started to produce very different dance and worship flags ourselves and make them available to others. When sewing a flag, I am always fascinated by the different flow and structure properties of a certain fabric. However, each flag only acquires its very individual character through the immersion in the different colour compositions through the designs of my dear wife. During this process we experience a lot of joy as a couple with God and can marvel at our joint fruits.