So this is me - Sonja KrEisel

Full of life, full of passion, full of dreams - with an amazing husband to support me along the way.

I am a selftaught freelance artist on an experimental journey, discovering what the next painting will teach me about life, love, existence and myself. 

My paintings speak to me, they tell me where I am at, where I am going, what is happening in the seen and unseen. They tell me about my past, my now and my future and they will hopefully inspire you too.

I would love for them to transmit hope, joy, beauty, passion and healing - for the soul and the body. 

Art has a way to go places where neither words, nor touch can go. 

With the help of the web it travels places I will never go and touches people I will never meet and maybe you are one of them. Please know that these paintings are created with you in mind, as a smile and a touch from heaven for you and a message that you are loved, seen and important. 

May they take you on a journey that you wouldn't have taken otherwise and take you to places, you would have never visited. 

May they be living water to your soul, sweet melodies to your heart and a bright vision for your future. 

May they lift you above the seen and the normal and the used to's and have been's and put a smile of hope on your face for the will be's.

With love

Sonja Kreisel



Please do not hesitate to contact me - I would love to hear from you: 

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