(vici - latin: I have won)

The art of dance flags


Viciflags is a joint venture between my husband Elmar and me. We both already had a great passion for worship when we met in the beginning of 2017. Since then it has been an exciting journey of venturing further into the art of flagging. Elmar had been a flagger for a number of years already and I had predominantly danced with scarfs in my previous church. Our honeymoon to Canada with a visit of the couple that run a great ministry called ‘Called to flag’ in Abbotsford, near Vancouver, brought this journey together for us. Since then we have been flagging together in our church in Duisburg and in various places around the nations. In July during the Transforming Arts Summeracademy in Duisburg, I felt strongly that we were to start producing our own flags as there was a hunger and demand in Europe for this. We are so thankful for the journey that this has taken us on as a couple. We both love and enjoy producing the flags just as much as we love using them. The freedom, joy and beauty they bring to others is such a delight to be able to participate in.

As both Elmar’s and my middle name have the same meaning - victory or victorious - we decided to take the latin version and to make that our company name, as they are a declaration of the victory Jesus has already won for us.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more, would like to have very specific, individual flags make or would like us to come for a workshop.



swing flags


Silk flags


Other fabrics

I would like to warmly invite you to the European Academy of the Arts from 13th til 18th October 2019 in Duisburg, Germany. I will be leading the workshop 'creative worship with flags'. For more information and registration please go to: